Five Favorite Chocolate-Dipped Fruits

While the classic chocolate-covered strawberry cliché is undoubtedly delectable, there are many other chocolate-dipped fruits that are equally mouth-watering and deserving of a taste!  


1. Cherries

While Cella’s chocolate cherry cordial confections may satiate the cherry craving for some, there’s nothing that quite satisfies cherry fever like home-dipped chocolate cherries. Anchor the cherries over your mouth with the stem and enjoy the satisfying bite. Just don’t choke on those cherry pits!


2. Oranges

Seems like there’s no better way to get vitamin C than with a chocolate-covered orange! As with Cella’s chocolate cherries, chocolate covered oranges have long been commodified by the candy industry because they recognize a scrumptious snack when they taste it.  


3. Plums

While your experience with plums may not go much further than Plumpy and his plum tree from the Candy Land board game, chocolate-covered plums are a treat that you really shouldn’t miss. Plums decked in chocolate are yummy and good for the tummy! Re cherries: don’t choke on the pits!


4. Pineapples

Pineapple pizza, pineapple juice, grilled pineapple—the versatility of this plant is undeniable! While pineapple is not really a fruit but rather a plant consisting of fruit—coalesced berries, it stands to be a most delicious addition to any host’s or hostess’s tray, especially when dipped in chocolate.


5. Raspberries

Often incorporated into a breakfast plate or dish (with yogurt, pancakes, muffins, and other breakfast edibles), raspberries tend to be a favorite among berry-eaters. Like chocolate, raspberries are full of antioxidants so that when the two are paired, you certainly get more benefit for your bite!  

If you have chocolate-guilt, dipping healthy foods—like fruits—in chocolate is a good way to satiate your chocolate-cravings and eat healthfully. To start dipping today, check out some of our chocolate tempering machines. We offer financing through Paypal for your convenience!