Five Chocolate-Covered Camping Snacks

When you’re planning a camping trip, it’s important to pack the essentials—food, water, sleeping bags, bug spray, sunscreen, sunglasses, flashlights, a rain-proof tent, and, of course, chocolate-covered snacks! Whether you’re a camping novice or a natural forest ranger, camping can be challenging; you have to set up your own tent, start a fire, and avoid eating poisonous berries. If the Hunger Games franchise taught us anything about surviving in the woods, it’s that you should always bring your own snacks.

Be one with nature and these five chocolate-covered delicacies to make your camping trip one that your stomach will never forget!  


1. Marshmallows

This classic campfire treat has a history with chocolate. Normally sandwiched between graham crackers and chocolate, the sticky marshmallow holds everything together to become what is known as the s’more. While the s’more in its natural campfire habitat is a delectable treat, the singular marshmallow cloaked in a layer of warm chocolate is highly underappreciated. Think of the cavemen, of simplicity, of just the marshmallow and chocolate melting in your mouth.


2. Graham Crackers

As previously mentioned, the s’more is comprised of marshmallow, chocolate, and graham crackers. Like marshmallows, graham crackers have not received enough independent attention. A graham cracker laced with chocolate is just the kind of snack you want to nibble on as you overlook a dreamy lake embedded in a Bob Ross vision of happy trees.    


3. Pretzels

The divine combination of chocolate and pretzels has not been lost on food manufacturers. Chocolate-covered and white chocolate-covered pretzels have been gracing grocery and bakery shelves for decades. Whether you prefer sticks or knots, the symphonic crunch of chocolate-covered pretzels will magically meld with the crickets and croaking toads.    


4. Animal Crackers

Had Shirley Temple thought of tempered chocolate, she might have sang a different tune in Curley Top. Chocolate-covered animal crackers are the mountain lion’s roar.

While a real bear may seem more exciting than a chocolate covered one, it likely won’t be as delicious (or as willing to be eaten).


5. Cookies

With hundreds of cookies to choose from, the world is your cookie jar! Think of all the chocolate-covered combos: chocolate-dipped ginger snaps, chocolate-covered gingerbread, chocolate-covered chocolate chip, chocolate-covered stroopwafels, chocolate-covered Fig Newtons, chocolate-covered shortbread, chocolate-covered everything!

With these five chocolate-slicked snacks in your tent, you’ll never be homesick.  Even if the camping gets rough, at least you’ll have something delicious to chew on!