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Product Summary Maximum Capacity Minimum Capacity Tempering Time Exterior Construction Heat Source Bowl Size Dimensions Warranty NSF Certified
220/240v Chocovision Revolation 2B

220/240v Chocovision Revolation 2B (Rev 2B) Chocolate Tempering Machine Temperer


Our most popular temperer! Fully automatic tempering - perfect for beginners and professionals alike! 1.5 lbs. 4 oz. 30 minutes ABS plastic Forced Hot Air 3.4" deep x 8" wide 12.5"W x 10.5"D x 5.25"H One year No
220/240v Chocovision Revolation V

220/240v Chocovision Revolation V (Rev V) Chocolate Tempering Machine Temperer


Not too big, not too small - the Rev V is just right! Perfect for production facilities or a novice that wants to produce the same breathtaking results as a professional chocolatier. 5 lbs. (9 lbs. when using holey baffle) 1 lb. 1 hour Stainless Steel Forced Hot Air 6" deep x 9" wide 15 1/2"W x 15 1/2"D x 6 1/2"H One year NSF Approved
220/240v Chocovision Revolation Delta

220/240v Chocovision Revolation Delta (Rev Delta) Chocolate Tempering Machine Temperer


Top-of-the-line fully automatic commercial temperer and melter! A must have for large commercial production or volume candymaking. 10 lbs. (17 lbs. when using holey baffle) 1.5 lbs. (3 lbs. when using holey baffle) 1 - 1 1/2 hours Stainless steel Forced Hot Air 6" deep x 12" wide 18.25"W x 18.25"D x 7"H One year NSF Approved